The Great CISO Prize

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We will be back in 2021 to celebrate an other Great CISO Prize.

The Great CISO Prize is organised in collaboration with CESIN, CLUSIF, CIGREF and ANSSI to highlight the Chief information security officers. It is an opportunity for the CISO winner to be recognised by the market actors.

Discover 2019’s winners of the Great CISO Prize:

Innovative Approach Award: Cyril Tesser, CISO of La Poste

Security Knowledge Award: Pascal Férard, CISO of Etablissement Français du Sang

Best Newcomer Award: Sandrine Bénard, CISO of Médiane Système

Jury Prize: Gérard Leymarie, CISO of Elior Group


We will display a special report through our partner Le Monde Informatique.

To learn more about the Great CISO Prize, see the terms and conditions.

Discover the jury of professionals and experts:

  • Alain Bouillé, Vice-President of CESIN
  • Henri Codron, Vice-President of Clusif
  • Henri d’Agrain, General Representative of Cigref
  • Laurent Gérardin, Head of the Sectorial Coordination Division of ANSSI
  • Mylène Jarossay, President of CESIN
  • Olivier Ligneul, Cybersecurity Director of EDF Group and Vice-President of CESIN
  • Stéphane Tournadre, CISO of Servier
  • Nicolas Vielliard, Head of Global Security Operations Center of ENGIE and Administrator of Clusif