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The meeting place for professional cybersecurity and data protection organizations.


The French Association of Correspondents for the Protection of Personal Data represents the DPOs appointed to the CNIL.

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AMRAE (Association pour le Management des Risques et des Assurances de l'Entreprise) is the benchmark professional association for corporate risk and insurance. It brings together more than 1,500 members belonging to more than 750 private or public organizations.

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The CEFCYS (CErcle des Femmes de la CYberSécurité) is an association under the French law of 1901, whose main objective is to promote and advance the presence and leadership of women in the cybersecurity professions.

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CESIN association Les Assises


The Club of Information and Digital Security Experts - CESIN - is a 1901 law association promoting the exchange of knowledge, the sharing of experience and cooperation between professionals in the field of information and digital security.

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CIP : Le Club Informatique provence méditerranée

"Ensuring digital transformation together"

Bringing together local and national IT decision-makers and recognized service providers, Le Club Informatique provence méditerranée is the up-and-coming club in the PACA region. The CIP is resolutely focused on people and the dissemination of information to the Club's IT decision-makers and service providers.

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Club EBIOS association Les Assises


Club EBIOS is an independent non-profit association, made up of individual experts and organizations. It has supported and enriched the French risk management framework since 2003, with the support of ANSSI.

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CLUSIF association Les Assises


Association for the promotion of cybersecurity, bringing together companies and administrations around the development of best practices for digital security.

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CoTer Numérique

CoTer Numérique is a non-profit association (under the French law of 1901) that brings together French local authorities to discuss issues related to digital technology and information systems.

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Women4Cyber is a non-profit European private foundation with the objective to promote, encourage and support the participation of women in the field of cybersecurity.

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