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Created for Les Assises participants, Le Cercle is a quarterly rendezvous gathering cybersecurity actors around enriching conferences and debates. Le Cercle is a way for participants to increase their knowledge about the industry and to meet with other professionals. Do not miss our four networking events in Paris. 

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Le Cercle Season 2022



28th November 2022

Assessment of Assises

Ready to close the year 2022 in style with a last evening of the Circle?

We are pleased to welcome you on November 28, 2022 at the Pavillon Cambon-Capucines from 6:00 pm for our 4th unmissable event of the year.

The program:

A moment of conviviality with the Cyber community to share with you the results of the 22nd edition of the Assises, and meet your peers around a cocktail reception.



28 June 2022

Innovation Prize

How about a big dose of Innovation before the summer?

The Special Innovation Awards Circle, the place to be to discover the nuggets of the cyber world, those who come to shake up and inspire our ecosystem every year:

  • CryptoNext Security is a publisher of quantum-resistant cryptography solutions.
  • Mindflow is a SaaS company that provides a code-free automation and orchestration platform for security incidents.
  • Patrowl automates vulnerability detection and remediation to deal with cybercriminal organisations.
  • SCPTime aims to revolutionise the Time sector, an invisible but fundamental utility for cybersecurity.

The Innovation Award is THE prestigious award for Cybersecurity in Europe.





7 April 2022

Geopolitics at the heart of Corporate Data 

Did you enjoy deciphering the Chinese influence at the last Cercle?
For the 2nd evening of Le Cercle, we go even further...

Geopolitical disruption: what impact for companies and their data? 

The tragic events that are shaking the world have brought geopolitics to the forefront with consequences for all economic actors.
Join us for an exciting debate at the heart of the news:
-Are companies sufficiently aware of the issues?
-What digital tools do they have to understand the impacts on their activities?
-How can the study of data flows inform on geopolitical risks?
-And how should companies' data strategy adapt to an increasingly uncertain global context?

We will have the pleasure of welcoming Alix Desforges, Researcher at the GEODE Research Center, Paris 8, and the president of Les Assises 2022, Thierry Auger, Corporate CIO & Group CISO at Lagardère.




09 March 2022

Le Cercle community is happy to meet again on March 9!
Cercle & Chine, it’s a match…


If Beijing is in the spotlight with the Olympics, it is China in general – and all year round – that you are watching under the magnifying glass.

New of course, very inspiring without a doubt: the first Cercle eveing of 2022 offers you a dive into the Chinese myth with Paul Charon who calls upon Machiavelli in his research and Julien Nocetti for whom the geopolitics of data has no secrets.

Chinese influence in the cyberspace between fantasy and reality

In recent years, the Chinese regime has been investing heavily in cyberspace. This strategy aims to increase Chinese influence around the world as other nations are doing. But if for a long time it was a question of projecting a positive image of China and arousing admiration, it appears that the Chinese Communist Party is increasingly assuming the choice to infiltrate and coerce. How does this policy operate? With what means and what consequences? Who are the actors? are there any risks for Western companies? Many questions arise today for cybersecurity players on the political, economic and technological levels.

During this exceptional Cercle evening, we will receive Paul Charon and Julien Nocetti.

  • Paul Charon is Director of the “Intelligence, Anticipation and Hybrid Threats” domain at IRSEM. He is the co-author of a report published in September 2021 entitled “Chinese influence operations. A Machiavellian moment”.
  • Julien Nocetti is a teacher-researcher at the Military Academy of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan and an associate researcher at IFRI. He is a specialist in the geopolitics of data.


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