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Created for Les Assises participants, Le Cercle is a quarterly rendezvous gathering cybersecurity actors around enriching conferences and debates. Le Cercle is a way for participants to increase their knowledge about the industry and to meet with other professionals. Do not miss our four networking events in Paris. 

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Le Cercle Season 2023


Le Cercle - intervenants 12 dec

12 december 2023



  • 18.30 : Les Assises 2023 hightlights
  • 19.00 : What about Peace ?

When contending with daily attacks throughout the entirety of the year, the geopolitical landscape emerges as a formidable barometer.... The profound repercussions stemming from the escalating conflicts at Europe's threshold over the past year are monumental, and the cyber community possesses a keen awareness of the associated risks and consequences. 

For this last Le Cercle of the year, our aim is to introduce a refreshing perspective : We intend to broach the subject of PEACE. 

This is driven by its influential role for individuals and citizens globally, offering valuable lessons and inspiration for both professional and personal spheres—a facet too frequently overlooked in discourse.

Alexandre Kouchner, a journalist and political analyst, interviews Lucas Menget, a war reporter, two-time Bayeux prize laureate, former managing editor of France Info, and author of "Petit précis de survie stratégique." Throughout this dialogue, and drawing from their insights into ongoing conflicts, they will contemplate the concept of Peace and articulate their perspectives on how individuals and organizations can actively contribute to its realization.


22nd May 2023

For the past 18 years, the Innovation Awards have been a must-attend event for future cyber nuggets; this year, we will open the pitch ball with a unique discussion with two investors and influencers... Let's take a step back!

18 shades of innovation!

Stéphanie Hospital Gerome Billois


Alsid, Citalid, Sentryo or CryptoNext last year... since its creation, the Innovation Prize rewards innovative cyber startups, many of which have become key players on the market.

2006 - 2023: 18th edition of the Innovation Award, we celebrate 18 shades of innovation!

Part 1: Overview of tech investments: impacts, constraints and disruptive innovations!

The economic and geopolitical context has put profitability and cost issues back on the table. In addition, there are more and more pressing constraints (ESG, CSR...).

The startup ecosystem has drastically changed, bringing with it many disruptive innovations.

A no bullshit discussion moderated by Sébastien Couasnon, journalist Podcast Host, tech 45’, with Stéphanie Hospital, Founder of OneRagtime and Gérôme Billois, Partner, WAVESTONE.

Part 2: The pitches of the startups selected to win the Innovation Award, THE most prestigious award for Cybersecurity in Europe

The 5 finalists of the Innovation Award are here to convince you. What if the pitching exercise took a more interactive turn? A little more conversational?

Still under the guidance of Sébastien Couasnon, discover the [future] best of cyber.




Raphael Halet

11th April 2023

He had the State of Luxembourg condemned 

After eight years of legal battle, he is finally officially recognized as a whistleblower by the ECHR in the tax evasion scandal in Luxembourg, "LuxLeaks".

Raphaël Halet can conclude: "The information I delivered is finally recognized as fair and useful to the general interest", the Grand Duchy is condemned for violation of freedom of expression (Le Monde, February 21, 2023).

Between pressure, intimidation, abusive "searches", judicial twists and sloppy procedures, these past 10 years have been a judicial marathon and a constant human struggle.

Raphaël Halet, the crazy story of an office worker turned whistleblower.

Moderated by Guillaume Ledit, Editorial Director of L'ADN Studio


7th Febuary 2023

Route du Rhum 2022: logbook of a shipwrecked sailor and lessons of an extraordinary crisis...

Monday, November 14: An explosion occurred on board the Imoca Nexans - Art & Fenêtres causing a fire.

Skipper Fabrice Amedeo, forced to evacuate, had only a few seconds to find a solution to ensure his survival.

During a cyber attack it is sometimes the same scenario, adrenaline and fear can take over but you have to act quickly and well.

Le Cercle of February 7 offers you the opportunity to learn from this incredible rescue by reliving with Fabrice Amedeo the last hours before his boat sank.

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