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Created for Les Assises participants, Le Cercle is a quarterly rendezvous gathering cybersecurity actors around enriching conferences and debates. Le Cercle is a way for participants to increase their knowledge about the industry and to meet with other professionals. Do not miss our four networking events in Paris. 





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Les éditions 2020

Le Cercle Les Assises Decembre

Le Cercle : 10 December 

Let's meet up for a digital Le Cercle meeting on Thursday December 10 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The programme:

  1. Feedback/Review of Les Assises 2020
  2. Discussion with Olivier Ligneul, Cybersecurity Director of EDF Group, who will discuss the 2021 edition of Les Assises
  3. The EPITA school at Les Assises: a crossed perspective of two cybersecurity students
  4. Debate with Myriam Quemener, general counsel at the Paris Court of Appeal, a specialist in cybersecurity who will review the recent trial of Alexander Vinnik, accused of being behind the Locky ransomware


During this evening Pascal Picq discussed the current health crisis and its consequences on the society of tomorrow. The opportunity to compare computer and biological viruses and to question the adaptation of people and the vulnerability of certain organisations to COVID 19.

Le Cercle : 8 September

Le Cercle is pleased to welcome paleoanthropologist Pascal Picq

During this exceptional evening, he will discuss the health crisis and viruses, their consequences on our lives (including home working) and will address the issue of women in society.

Paleoanthropologist used to interdisciplinarity, Pascal Picq is a lecturer at the Collège de France. His research - in evolutionary morphology - focuses on the evolution of the hominids’ skulls and the ethology (study of the behavior) of apes and large apes in relation with the origins of the human lineage, as well as the theories of evolution.

Advisor to major scientific museums of the National Education, he also contributes to the introduction in France of the evolutionary medicine. He is also an expert of the APM (Progess Management Association) and associate member of the Medici Committee and the Academy of Entrepreneurs.

He is the author of numerous books, including: "Sapiens face à Sapiens" (Flammarion editions), "Artificial intelligence and the Chimpanzees of the future. For an anthropology of intelligences ”(editions Odile Jacob).



Le Cercle : 4 February

Biological viruses vs. cyber viruses: Are they similar or very different?

Virus, epidemic, propagation, infection... those terms employed for a long time in the medical environment have now become common in the cyber security experts vocabulary. Why is it that they share the same semantics in two worlds that seem so different? What are their similarities? Can biological research be an education for cyber security experts? 

To answer those questions, we will welcome Arnaud Fontanet, epidemiologist and teacher at Collège de France, and Jean-Yves Marion, Director of Loria and member of Institut Universitaire de France.

Le Cercle Les Assises