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Experience 4 days of business and talks about cybersecurity!

Opening conference  Partners keynotes

Opening conference

Wednesday 12 October | 13h30 › 14h30 

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Speech of H.E. Mr Pierre DARTOUT, Minister of State of the Principality of Monaco 

Christian-Marc Lifländer, 

Head Cyber and Hybrid Policy Section, Emerging Security Challenges Division, 
NATO Headquarters, Brussels

As Head of the Cyber Defence Section, Mr. Lifländer is responsible for leading the development and implementation of NATO-wide cyber defence policy.

Les Assises is pleased to welcome Mr. Lifländer for a speech on the impact of the geopolitical situation on cyber security issue

Guillaume Poupard, Director General of the ANSSI, will speak on several major cyber news topics: "Changing scale to collectively raise our level of cybersecurity"
Ransomware, denial of service attacks, computer sabotage, cyber espionage, so many words that are now regularly in the news and part of the daily lives of companies, administrations and all French people. Faced with the professionalization of the threat that affects more and more entities, of all sizes and often poorly protected, it is imperative that we change scale to better protect ourselves. NIS 2, cloud, innovation: the challenges to be met are numerous and are imposed on all of us in order to raise the level of cybersecurity of the Nation.

Followed by a discussion with Les Assises president: 
Thierry Auger, Corporate CIO & Group CISO, Lagardère

Plenary Conference

Thursday 13 October | 18h15 › 19h00

"Acting in uncertainty"

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In a world where economic, social, climatic or geopolitical upheavals are multiplying, how can we develop a resilient mindset to better face the present and the future? How can we learn to prepare for the unknown and know how to keep an operational margin that allows us to be master of our actions? During this plenary conference, a former Olympic swimming champion and a fighter pilot on an aircraft carrier will share their respective experiences and show that uncertainty, far from being a brake, can be a formidable lever for action.


Alain Bernard
Double swimming Olympic champion 

Guillaume Schutz 
Embarked fighter pilot & Second in command of the 57S squadron

Partners keynotes

Wednesday 12 October | 18h

"Data revolution in cybersecurity: The XDR era starts now!"

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The enterprise’s infrastructure has evolved. The threat landscape is constantly evolving. Cybersecurity must evolve, too. In this talk, we’ll not only trace recent history, but also explore the future of cybersecurity for the coming decade.
What is XDR? What are the outcomes? We will share how data holds the answers to staying ahead of modern-day adversaries. Specifically, the XDR-era will be defined and won by those who best understand how to harness the power of their data as well as leverage data-driven technologies to go faster.
Cybersecurity innovation, thought leadership, and new perspectives will be audience takeaways for this provocative and engaging discussion.


With Tomer Weingarten, CEO, SentinelOne

Thursday 13 October | 9h30

"Cybereason and Google: The Power to Solve the Threat Landscape Puzzle"

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Cybersecurity is both more important and more challenging than ever. Organizations must defend across multiple axes: endpoint, email & productivity, identity, and multi-cloud against a threat landscape that continues to blur between nation-state adversaries and cybercriminal threat actors. Sam will share what Cybereason and Google Cloud have observed in 2022, and the fundamental visibility strategy required for a resilient defense. Just as you can't put a puzzle together with only half or fewer of the pieces, you can't detect and stop attacks effectively without the right two-way integrations. Sam will share key insights into the threat landscape, critical integrations, use cases, and XDR architectures in enterprises and SMBs.


Sam Curry, CSO, Cybereason President, Cybereason Government Inc.

Fellow, National Security Institute


Friday 14 October | 11h30

"Security, sovereignty, sustainability: building a true European resilience through digital technology"

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OVHcloud and its ecosystem carry with determination the conviction of a European cloud alternative that can challenge the positioning of GAFAM. This conviction is based on a strong shared culture and values: transparency, trust, responsibility and innovation. In its quest to respond to technological, societal and environmental challenges, OVHcloud is committed to offering relevant solutions to its customers.

During this Keynote, Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud will be the spokesperson for this key vision for our future. He will explain his commitment to create together an open, reliable and trusted cloud. He will also present how OVHcloud's business model is one of the most innovative and efficient in a world where resilience is at the heart of our concerns.


With Michel Paulin, General Director, OVHcloud

Friday 14 October | 14h00

"Artificial intelligence for the cybersecurity of major international sporting events: a key challenge for Paris 2024"

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We are now 2 years away from the opening of the Olympic Games in Paris. Paris 2024 is 7.3 billion euros in budget, 13.4 million tickets on sale from February 2023, 600,000 spectators for the opening ceremony on the banks of the Seine, 10,500 athletes expected, and nearly 40 venues in the Paris region and beyond. The potential ramifications of a cyber-attack on an event of this magnitude cannot be overstated.
Achieving this delicate balance between accessibility and security is a constant challenge for the organization's managers. As cyber-attacks intensify and the attack surface expands, it is essential to take proactive measures to deal with potential threats but also to restore normal operations as quickly as possible in the event of a compromise. Because detecting and responding to attacks is no longer enough.
Today, only AI can provide a holistic response to these challenges. It has become a vital member of cyber security teams regardless of the industry. During this keynote, Karim Benslimane, Director of Cyber Intelligence at Darktrace will share the advances and technological results of the Cyber AI Research Center to prevent, detect, respond and remediate cyber attacks.


With Karim Benslimane, Director of Cyber Intelligence, Darktrace