1. // Les Assises

What is the Assises philosophy? Fermer

Les Assises is the reference event for ISS. This successful mix of business, conferences and a professional trade show is the fruit of a shared philosophy.

Assises participants come in a spirit of sharing, discussion and meeting. They are eager to meet their counterparts and experts and all those who make the market and set trends.

This philosophy makes for easy discussions and constant networking. In addition to respecting the participation charter, we expect you to conduct yourself in a proper and professional manner.

 You also contribute to creating the Assises' spirit!

Why have a participation charter? Fermer

As part of the logic of the event's philosophy, we ask all participants to commit to participate actively: to register for workshops and make appointments for one-to-one meetings.

How do I become an exhibitor partner of the Assises? Fermer

Just contact our sales department: [email protected]

But please note that spaces are limited and in great demand.

How do I become a press partner or an influencer of the Assises ? Fermer

If you have a medium related to ISS (newspaper, magazine, website's, blog, etc.),

If you have a solid LinkedIn or Twitter following, contact us: [email protected]

How do I become a speaker or submit a topic? Fermer

Do you have unique experience? Does a topic seem relevant to you? Please, write to us about it: [email protected]

How do I get invited to the Assises? Fermer

The Assises are intended specifically for IS managers, CISO, BU directors and related functions.

Participation applications are made via a form in which you explain your project.
This 100% business event is accessible only to sector professionals and by invitation only. The organiser reserves the right to cancel requests based on the profile and current projects.

Once an application has been accepted, it will be submitted to Assises partners. It may take two to four weeks to process your request.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

What are the major stages to your participation in the Assises? Fermer

  • You receive an invitation e-mail with your access codes to your private area on the Assises website.
  • You confirm your participation and enter your personal data
  • You reserve your plane ticket via our dedicated platform (this is the only way to ensure you will be reimbursed up to €215 including VAT for your airfare) and check the timetable for our shuttle service

NB: If you plan to travel to the Assises by your own means, please let us know in the stay options item.

  • You register for workshops and conferences.
  • You select your strategic meetings (beginning the month of September)

What can I do if all of the workshops I want to attend are full? Fermer

Click on the "interested" button, which will ensure you receive the presentation after the event.

You can also request a meeting with the partner.

My hotel isn't mentioned in my invitation where do I find this information? Fermer

This information is given in your confirmation, which is sent by e-mail in late September, and on the home page of your back office.

No modifications or preferences can be made.

I haven't received my electronic plane ticket. Where do I find it? Fermer

Your eletronic plane ticket is available on your personal space.

Why doesn't my invitation cover the entire event? Fermer

Because of the limited number of spaces available in the various reception areas, we cannot satisfy all requests.

I've attended the Assises in the past. Why wasn't I invited this year? Fermer

Past attendance doesn't guarantee an invitation this year. Feel free to make a participation request; we will examine your application.

Is this event eligible as continuing education? Fermer

At the end of the event, we can issue you a certificate of attendance (workshop, conference, meeting attendance, etc.). You will need to contact your continuing education agency to check its validity.

Please send your certificate request to: [email protected]

What do I need to bring to the Assises ? Fermer

  • A valid piece of ID. You will need to present it both at the hotel and at the reception desk at the Grimaldi Forum.
  • Confirmation of your participation on your smartphone.
  • Daytime and evening wear: business wear (jacket, dress shoes, dress shirt)
  • Business cards

Is the event accessible to the handicapped? Fermer

The Grimaldi Forum and the hotels are all up to European standards as regards wheelchair accessibility, and will receive you to the best of their ability.

I was unable to attend the Assises. Can I still attend "Le Cercle"? Fermer

You need to know two things: 

Each person who attends the Assises automatically becomes a member of “Le Cercle.”

If you were unable to attend the Assises but wish to stay in touch with the ISS community via the Cercle, please contact us and fill in the following questionnaire.

Once you are a member, you will be invited to all of our dinner debates throughout the year.

What are the refund terms? Fermer

We are providing a booking platform for Les Assises participants offering Easyjet and Air France’s most competitive fares with Monaco Check-In. Click on “Make a new booking” below to access this service.

Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation.

We are providing a booking platform for Les Assises participants offering Easyjet and Air France’s most competitive fares with Monaco Check-In.

WARNING Only plane tickets purchased via our booking platform will be refund up to 215 €. Refund restricted to end users. Partners and their staff, spouses, experts, and consultants are not eligible for refund.

Partners’ Les Assises:

This platform guarantees you the best Air France and Easyjet fares. Your trip is at your expense and has no refund.

Les Assises Guests:

DG CONSULTANTS will refund guests’ transportation expenses up to a maximum of €215 per person including taxes. (plane and train)

Taking your ticket with our booking platform is the only way to be reimbursed, according to several conditions

Reimbursement procedure:

- After Les Assises, guests have to log into their private space and answer to the post event survey and then fill the reimbursement request before the 02/11/2021.
- This reimbursement file is compulsory and must be completed between the 18/10/2021 and the 01/11/2021.
- Reimbursement begins on the 22rd November 2021: we refund the credit card used for the payment on our booking platform.

Reimbursement conditions:
- You must have effectively attended the 2021 edition of Les Assises.
- Having read and accepted the general conditions of participation for delegates.
- Reimbursement reserved to end users and employees-companions, consultants and experts not included
- Only plane tickets ordered on our booking platform will be reimbursed.
- Parking lot tickets, mileage, taxi, bus, helicopter, Orlyval or RATP fares are not reimbursed.
- In case of absolute necessity, preventing you from attending the 2020 Les Assises, DG Consultants will refund guests’ transportation expenses up to a maximum of €215 per person including taxes, if the following condition is met: you must submit by post to DG Consultants -5/7 rue de l’Amiral Courbet 94160 St Mandé- any document proving your impossibility to attend the 2021 Les Assises before 1st November. If this condition is met, DG Consultants will send you on 22rd November 2021 -by credit card refund- reimbursement of your transportation expenses, up to €215 per person taxes included.

2. // Le Cercle

What is Le Cercle? Fermer

An event created within Les Assises community, Le Cercle brings together cybersecurity players around structured discussions. A way for participants to become aware of the major themes of their sector and to meet between professionals. Le Cercle is organised around four networking evenings each year in Paris.

3. // Le Before Guests

What is Le Before and who is it for? Fermer

Le Before is a premium event beforehand Les Assises that brings together nearly 200 cybersecurity experts: 150 end users client and 44 people representing 22 partners. End users are only invited by DG Consultants (but can be invited by partners for the remainder of the Conference if they wish) and are mostly RSSI / FSSI / DSI and other IT decision-makers.

How the end users are selected? Fermer

The guests are selected following these criteria:

  • Cooptation by the presidents of the commissions
  • Key accounts by commission sector
  • Sponsorship by partners 

The profiles will be validated by DG Consultants. The guests will register for the session of their choice according to the space available (a guest suggested by a partner will not automatically be in the same session as the partner).

How the partners are selected? Fermer

 Le Before is addressed to all the partners of Les Assises. Their representatives are Country Managers, evangelists, R&D managers, technical directors… people with a medium-term vision of the issues and the market for ISS.

How does the round table take place? Fermer

The round tables take place on Tuesday morning before lunch. There is one per Commission. They are composed of 2 partners + the two presidents of the Commission and led by the moderator of the Commission. Their aim is to take stock of the problems in the commission sector and to define the main lines of work that will be addressed in the afternoon. All members of the commission (guests and partners) are invited to come and listen to the round table.

What about the lunch? Fermer

Each partner has a table for 8 people (2 +6). The partner chooses his guests but they can decline the invitation if they wish. The lunch is a networking moment, make the most out of it by exchanging with the others contributors.

How does the Commissions take place? Fermer

The end users participate in one of the 5 suggested commissions.  They can initially choose 2 commissions. Depending on the places available, they will be allocated their final commission in the days following their request. Each commission lasts 3 hours. It is made up of around thirty end users and 5-6 partners. The commissions are chaired only by end users and chaired by a professional moderator who guarantees that the debates will be conducted in French. Each commission will be the subject of a summary produced by the moderators and validated by the presidents with restitution in plenary assembly on Wednesday morning. All summary sheets will be made available to all Le Before participants.

Can we switch commission? Fermer

Only subject to availability. Registrations are made according to the "first in / first out" principle.

When will the programme be available? Fermer

The presidents are working on the content of their commission with a first report at the end of May on the main themes. And at the end of June for with more detailed content. A programme will be sent before the summer so that guests can prepare their participation. For a better interactivity of the debates, they will have the possibility of suggesting - before the event - their expectations and their favourite subjects in their private space.

Can we have the contact details of the commissions’ participants? Fermer

The partners registered in a commission will have the list of the participants of their commission (name, first name, position and company) without any contact details. A trombinoscope is planned for each commission. Le Before is above all a networking event. Favour direct contacts and don't hesitate to exchange business cards!

What are the “meet-up”? Fermer

The meet-ups are small group activities (6-8 people) offered by lawyers and experts who will tackle regulatory or legal issues in a very practical way. They are open upon registration to all Le Before participants (partners and guests). Each meetup lasts 45 minutes and will be played twice.

Is there any communication during Le Before? Fermer

Le Before will not be the subject to external media communication: there are no journalists representing any media, and participants should acknowledge in writing not to communicate on the content of Le Before via social networks.

4. // Le Before Partners

What is Le Before and to whom is it for? Fermer

Le Before is a premium event the day before Les Assises which gathers 200 cybersecurity experts: 150 end-users: CISOs, CIOs and other IT decision-makers End-users are invited by DG Consultants only (but they can be invited by the partners for Les Assises) and are mostly CISOs. We would like to invite more CIOs and other IT decision-makers, but Le Before is cyber security oriented. Our purpose is to help you meet C-level decision-makers in an outstanding context.

When will it take place and what’s the event programme? Fermer

Visit Le Before decicate page: https://en.lesassisesdelacybersecurite.com/Our-Events/Le-Before

How are the guests selected? Fermer

The guests are end-users (CISOs, CIOs…) selected among many criteria:

  • Sponsorship by the presidents of the commissions
  • Sponsorship by the partners
  • Key job positions

Let us know who you would to invite to Le Before!

The profiles will be validated by DG Consultants. The end-user guests will then be able to select the commission they wish to attend and will be placed according to availability (a guest sponsored by a partner is not always in the same commission as the sponsoring partner).

What is the role played by the partners? Fermer

 The partners can choose between two offers: the “Speaking time” package which gives the opportunity to participate in the Tuesday morning roundtable with the commission presidents (limited to 10 partners) and the “100% networking” package.

Both those offers give the partners the possibility to attend a roundtable, a commission, meetups and the closing conference. During the commissions, the guests expect that the partners analyze the sector tends, share key figures, foresights and roadmaps to enrich the debate. The partners are invited to interact, but the commissions are not a speaking time for them.

5. // Innovation Prize

What is the Innovation Prize? Fermer

Since 2006, Les Assises supports the development of startups via the Innovation Prize. It is a way to speed up the startups’ notoriety and business: the winner is put in the spotlight for the whole community to discover its offer. The Prize rewards the most innovative solutions selected by a jury composed of cybersecurity experts. 

6. // The Great CISO Prize

What is the Great CISO Prize? Fermer

The Great CISO Prize is organized in collaboration with CESIN, Clusif, Cigref, and ANSSI. It is an award to highlight CISOs and for the winners to be known by the market actors.