The must attend event for cyber experts!

Thank you to the 3,360 participants who made this year's event an unforgettable one, with over 11,300 One to One meetings! See you next year from 9 to 12 October 2024!

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Les Assises 2023: together, we've reached new heights!

Maria Iacono,
Les Assises Event Director

I'd like to start by quoting the Honorary President of Assises 2023, Sabrine Guiheneuf: "Taking a step back, to enable us to place cyber at the right level, and also where it should be: a facilitator to help our businesses achieve their objectives while protecting their operations and know-how."

More than a common thread, this invitation to take a step back has been our mantra throughout this year of preparation for the Conference. We have truly put ourselves in your shoes, you who work in cybersecurity all year round!

And this has encouraged us, like you on a daily basis, to :

  • Open up to new perspectives: you'll discover an ambitious programme and new formats for discussion
  • Be enriched by new opportunities: we are increasing the number of business and networking opportunities, despite the constraints of time and space
  • Seek out innovation: you'll discover the sector's nuggets and talents, and hear from "out of the box" personalities as well as the market's key players.

And in your own skin, we've realised just how much better it is when you're with someone else! What's the saying? "Alone we go faster, together we go further"!

Cybersecurity is all about sharing and learning

In this fast-moving social, geopolitical and environmental environment, which sometimes seems very bleak, we are fortunate to have this incredible week of sharing and learning. To seize this opportunity, let's be ambitious, because we have the best experts and the most innovative solutions at our fingertips!

Facilitate, protect, anticipate, enhance, adapt, explain, share, innovate......

See you next year from 9 to 12 October 2024!