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Les Assises 2023 : Gain perspective

Sabrine Guiheneuf carré présidente des Assises

Sabrine Guiheneuf,
Les Assises honorary president, Group Director Cybersecurity and IT Governance URW and CESIN administrator

Prendre de la hauteur pour voir les innovations qui arrivent, que ce soit en Cyber ou dans le numérique de manière générale, pour être prêts lorsque cela entrera dans nos organisations ou anticiper les menaces à venir. Car « il n’est jamais trop tôt, mais il est souvent trop tard » (© Sabine d’Argœuves, remise du prix de l’Innovation 2022)

Prendre de la hauteur ne veut pas non plus dire que nous devons survoler le sujet à 7000 pieds, ni à se déconnecter de la réalité du terrain, ni d’oublier nos fondamentaux que nous devons continuer à adapter à l’évolution technologique et menaces, et à maintenir de manière pérenne dans le temps.

Prendre de la hauteur pour également se poser les bonnes questions sur notre métier, nos forces, nos limites, son avenir, et sur comment valoriser les talents qui composent notre communauté.

Prendre de la hauteur pour se préparer à affronter les crises d’aujourd’hui et de demain, notamment sur les enjeux climatiques et du numérique responsable, qui devient une nécessité impérieuse comme l’est devenu le Cyber sur ces dernières années.

Nous vous donnons rendez-vous à Monaco du 11 au 14 octobre 2023 !


To gain perspective, to allow us to put cyber at the right level and where it should be: a facilitator to help our businesses achieve their objectives while protecting their operations and know-how. So it is for them, and with them, that we work daily.

To gain perspective from the daily grind and meet our peers, with whom we share similar issues, and partners who can provide us with solutions and a cross-section of the market. Not forgetting the other stakeholders who, over the years, have become essential to our daily work: regulators, authorities/agencies, insurers, auditors, etc.

To gain perspective to see the innovations that are coming, whether in Cyber or in digital in general, to be ready when they enter our organisations or to anticipate the threats to come. Because "it's never too early, but it's often too late" (© Sabine d'Argœuves, Innovation 2022 award ceremony)

Nor does it mean that we should fly over the subject from 7,000 feet, or that we should disconnect from the reality on the ground, or that we should forget our fundamentals, which we must continue to adapt to technological developments and threats, and maintain over time.

We need to gain perspective and ask ourselves the right questions about our profession,our strengths,our limitations, its future, and how to make the most of the talents that make up our community.

To gain perspective and prepare ourselves to face the crises of today and tomorrow, particularly with regard to climate change and responsible digital technology, which is becoming an imperative necessity, just as Cyber has been for the past few years.

We look forward to seeing you in Monaco from 11 to 14 October 2023!


Produced in collaboration with students from EPITA: School of Computer Engineering, it is a must for a throwback to the 2022 edition of Les Assises: key figures, highlights, trends and exclusive interviews.

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Since its creation in 2017, Le Before has established itself as one of the highlights of the Assises!

We have compiled all the richness of the discussions in a white paper (available only in french).

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