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We are looking forward to seeing you next year from October 11 to 14, 2023 in Monaco!

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Maria Iacono,
Les Assises Director

A stimulating thread that our dear Editorial Committee had chosen for this 22nd edition, after the necessary return to the basics in 2020/2021. This year, we had to move forward, and move forward quickly and well.
But something else happened in Monaco, something of which the cyber community can be particularly proud: a mantra that animated every exchange, every interaction in a spirit of kindness, open-mindedness and sharing.

If the cyber community is so rich and so united, I am convinced that it is thanks to its benevolence: here there are no knowers, no bigger or better, only professionals who want to learn and exchange. At the Assises, everyone has a place!


Contrary to what one might imagine, our industry is an industry of creative people, if I dared, I would even say of dreamers! Well yes, we have to imagine the next attack, the next challenge, constantly pushing the limits. At the Assises, there are no boxes, no "do's" or "don'ts", everything is possible.


A successful event is an entire ecosystem that contributes to the building: the talents that emerge AND bring ideas, the technologies of some that enrich those of others, the informal exchanges that reinforce the business meetings... At the Assises, it's all about people, nothing but people!

It is undoubtedly thanks to this that 2022 has exceeded the expectations and ambitions of the participants:

  • 9400 one to one meetings
  • 3000 participants
  • 1350 guests
  • 164 partner companies
  • 20 startups
  • 175 workshops, round tables and conferences
  • 120 experts and journalists

It was a privilege to live this edition and we look forward to seeing you next year from October 11th to 14th 2023 in Monaco!


Since its creation in 2017, Le Before has established itself as one of the highlights of the Assises!

We have compiled all the richness of the discussions in a white paper (available only in french).

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