In 2022, we speed up !

Les Assises is 22 years old and in October be warned, we are taking you to a new playground! Maria Iacono, Director of Les Assises expresses herself on this new page to be written with the community of Les Assises. The "Back To Fundamentals" being done, "in 2022, we speed up!"

What were you doing at 22?
I was leaving Italy, my family, my comfort zone. I wanted to be surprised, meet lots of people and discover other ways of doing things.

Well, Les Assises are 22 years old!
To push the metaphor to the end, the bosses of today have just started in cyber during the first editions, we have really grown together.
And it's far from over: our sector is undoubtedly one of those that evolves the most and the fastest, so much the better, never time to get bored!

What I also like is the emergence of talents that necessarily accompany these developments, we see it on our events, the generations meet and enrich each other.
This is Les Assises, the strength of our common history and the energy of a community focused on the future.

Les Assises turned 20 during the COVID, it was difficult and frustrating... a period of questioning and doubts, a period from which we emerged, together, even stronger.
Les Assises shaken up, but legitimate and reinforced in their promise to the community:
You help to move forward in exchange, sharing and co-construction.

So at 22, what are Les Assises going to do?
They will further take decision-making and operational excellence, the historical fundamentals that make the strength of the event, by innovating and creating surprise.
They will simply surpass themselves, because the passion that has driven them since the first editions in Deauville and then in Monaco is even stronger.

Therefore, in October be warned, we are taking you to a new playground! Beautiful stands – brand new, a more astonishing program and more inspiring speakers than ever, new evenings that will make you dream. This list is not exhaustive, our desire is driven by change, it will infuse each of our actions and our ideas, each of our discussions and meetings of the Steering Committee.

I have never regretted leaving the nest, I am convinced that Les Assises - and all of you - will benefit from writing this new page.
Let's be proud of our community, claim our know-how, and do it – as always – with energy!

Last year we needed to reinforce the basics with the "back to fundamentals".
"In 2022, We Speed Up!" 

Maria Iacono, Director of Les Assises.