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Created in 2017, Le Before is a strategic gathering event for the cybersecurity market’s decision-makers.
Scheduled the day preceding Les Assises, le Before welcomes a very limited number of participants is invited to exchange and debate about the future of cybersecurity.


Download the 2022 edition white paper (only in French)






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Le Before’s guidelines

  • Freedom of speech
  • Small groups to benefit the interaction between peers
  • Structured talks with the partners
  • Efficient networkingTalks about the evolution of the industry

Participate as a partner in Le Before 

  • Le Before is accessible to all the partners of the Conference whatever their participation package
  • 2 participation offers for partners: 100% Networking or Speaking, for one or two people
  • Each partner has a reserved lunch table (table for 8 people including 6 guests chosen by the partner)
  • The "partner" have the possibility to participate in one of the five commissions as well as in the Meet-up on registration
  • At Le Before, guests are invited and selected exclusively by DG Consultants. They can then be invited by the partners to Les Assises
  • Customized support and brand visibility

Le Before is marked by key moments 

Le Before gathers 150 cybersecurity experts: 120 end-users: CISOs, CIOs and other IT decision-makers.

Number of guests at Le Before are very limited, please contact the visitor team if you wish to participate. Your request will be considered according to your profile, the number of registered participant per sector and the places available.

The programme

 An intense day of high-level content: roundtables, commissions by sector and meetups. 

The Roundtables

The roundtables aim at giving an overview of the current issues in the industry and defines the main topics that will be addressed during the commission

The commissions

The commissions is where participants debates in small workgroups on transversal topics such as: data protection, cyber context, technology trends, compliance, governance, regulation, or providers’ management. Participants share their views and experiences. The result of the reflexion of each commission is synthesised and presented on the next day on Wednesday morning before the opening of Les Assises and available for all the participants throughout summary sheet.

2022 commissions:

  • How to secure and enhance your data?
  • Talking geopolitics to your board? How about influencing your entity's overall strategy to strengthen its cyber resilience?
  • IS Hybridisation and Security: when a new cyber reality is imposed on CISOs, CTOs and CIOs?
  • External assessments of the company's cyber security. What are the risks? What are the challenges?
  • Cybersecurity of factories and industrial sites: how to converge OT and IT?


Meet-ups are small group activities offered by lawyers and experts. They address regulatory or legal points in a very practical way.

2022 meet-ups:

  • Incident on the Public Cloud, are you ready? Feedback from Decathlon
  • Cyber Resilience Act, CISOs, What are your challenges? What are your risks? How can you prepare for them? How long will it take?
  • Cryptoactives: not just for digital hackers
  • The payment of cyber-ransomware: a subject of debate
  • Integrating geopolitical thinking into the cyber interest decision

Find out more about all the 2022 contents of Le Before in our withe paper:

Download the 2022 edition white paper (only in French)

Steering committee

Thierry Auger

Corporate CIO & Cybersécurité Groupe Director, Lagardère

Sébastien Bombal

Technical Director - Customs and Excise

Fabrice Bru

Cybersécurité Director ,"Groupement Les Mousquetaires" and CESIN

Eric Freyssinnet

Scientific Director - Office of the Director General of the Gendarmerie Nationale

Michel Cazenave

CISO/CSO, PwC France

Dominique Guiffard

Group CTO, Savencia

Olivier Ligneul

Cybersécurité Director , EDF Group

Patrick Menez

Deputy Group CSO, Axa

Maricela Pelerin-Bomel

Responsable national de la sécurité des systèmes d'informations, Etablissement Français du sang

Stéphane Nappo

Vice President Global Chief Information Security Officer, Groupe SEB

Stéphane Tournadre

Security Director SI Servier

Eric Vautier

Group CISO, ADP Group