Les Rencontres Exclusives du Cercle

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Les Rencontres Exclusives du Cercle: a series of meetings which aims to bring together the major personalities of the sector with members of parliament, elected representatives and institutional representatives.
A unique opportunity to discuss strategic issues for the nation and for your business in a small group.

Les Rencontres exclusives du Cercle 2022

If you wish to participate in these exclusive meetings, please contact Lorraine Kiala: [email protected] 



Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Metavers: what innovative world for tomorrow?

While these technologies are all the rage and aim to change our daily lives, what about the reality?

  • What are the challenges for CISOs and French companies?
  • What upheavals should be anticipated? How to prepare for them?
  • How can we avoid missing out on this promising world while protecting our assets?
  • What place for France in this international competition?
  • What European public strategy for blockchain?
  • What power and what values can Europe impose?

Avec :

  • Pierre-Alain Raphan Essonne deputy
  • Emmanuel Moyrand, VP FRANCE META
  • Laurent Leloup, Founder and Director of Chaineum,  France Blocktechs President

Hosted by Melanie Benard-Crozat, Editor-in-Chief S&D Magazine


09 MARCH 2022

European Trusted Cloud: chimera or reality?

  • The trusted cloud / sovereign cloud are at the heart of the news as "civilisational and geopolitical" issues, particularly during election periods.
  • On the issue of sovereignty, Senator Catherine Morin-Desailly stated that "we are a colony of the digital world" and that sovereignty means "establishing a fair balance of power in this interconnected world".
  • On the subject of the trusted cloud, MP Philippe Latombe rightly stressed that "data are major strategic assets that need to be protected".
  • The cloud is necessary, it must be secured, but legally there are constraints. The state must be the driving force behind a viable doctrine for companies, and also protect the major subjects.

With :

  • Philippe Latombe Member of Parliament for Vendée and rapporteur for the information mission Building and promoting national and European digital sovereignty
  • Catherine Morin-Desailly, Senator for Seine-Maritime Regional Councillor for Normandy


Morning session moderated by Mélanie Benard-Crozat, Editor-in-Chief S&D Magazine