The Innovation Prize

The 17th edition of the Innovation Prize will be held during Le Cercle of 28 June 2022. The Innovation Prize will be officially presented to the winner during Les Assises plenary conference on Thursday 13 October 2022.


 Les Assises supports the development of start-ups via the Innovation Prize. It is a way to boost the start-ups’ notoriety and business: the winner is put in the spotlight for the whole community to discover its offer. The Prize rewards the most innovative solutions selected by a jury of cybersecurity experts.


CryptoNext Security, winner of the 2022 Innovation Prize

CryptoNext Security, winner of the 2022 Innovation Prize ///

Created in 2019 after 20 years of research by Sorbonne University, INRIA and CNRS, CryptoNext Security is a publisher of quantum resistant cryptography solutions.

The systemic threat posed by the arrival of the quantum computer will have an impact on communications security and data confidentiality by breaking the public key cryptography used to secure networks, mobile applications, electronic signatures, blockchain, etc.

Its solutions, built around a post-quantum library integrating the algorithms currently being standardised, are natively hybrid and crypto-agile in accordance with the recommendations of security agencies. They enable rapid migration of IT/OT hardware and software infrastructures and have already been deployed for global defence, finance, software and equipment manufacturers in Europe and the United States. Supported by the Quantonation fund and the BPI, CryptoNext is identified by Gartner as one of the 5 leading players in the field.

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The jury
Thierry Auger


Didier Gras

IT Risk & Cybersecurity Officer, BNP PARIBAS and Director of CESIN

Picture Xavier Terlet
Gilles Berthelot


Gérôme Billois

Senior Manager, WAVESTONE

Sabine d'Argoeuves

IS/IT Corporate Security Manager, Danone

Olivier Guerin

Project manager, ANSSI

Maximilien Oursel


Poichotte Jean-Yves

Global Head of IS Security, SANOFI

Patrick Ragaru

CEO d’Hackuity - 2021 Winner

Jérôme Saiz

Business protection expert, OPFOR Intelligence

Loïs Samain

Co-founder of Le Compoir Sécu and Group Deputy CISO of EDF Hydro