The steering committee

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The steering committee is composed of CIOs and CISOs from large firms or public organisations, Les Assises and Le Cercle partners, and industry experts. The members of the steering committee meet before the event to define the topics that must be highlighted during the conferences and roundtables of Les Assises in order to provide the participants with the proper content.

The president

Olivier Ligneul

Group Chief Information Security Officer, EDF

The members

Daniel Benabou

Managing Director, Idecsi

Eric Freyssinet

Deputy commander of the Gendarmerie nationale's cyberspace command

Eric Doyen

Operational Security Director of the IS of MALAKOFF HUMANIS And TREASURER of Cesin

Frédéric Benichou

Regional director, Armis

Jérôme Saiz

Expert in business protection of OPFORIntelligence

Loïs Samain

Co-founder of Le Compoir Sécu and CISO of EDF Hydro

Maricela Pelegrin-Bomel

National manager of ISS, French Blood Establishment

Nicolas Vielliard

Cybersecurity Operations Director, Danone

Pierre Oger

Managing Director, Egerie

Sabrine Guiheneuf

CISO group URW and Director of CESIN