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During the 4 days of Les Assises, attend several demonstration sessions in a fully dedicated area!

Les Assises' partners gather in a multi-solution demonstration area!

ZeroTrust: Identity and Access Management

With Okta, F5 and Palo Alto Networks

Perimeter security is dead.Practices have changed: mobility, telecommuting, and the recent lockdown are forcing us to rethink the way we work and access company resources. How can we facilitate identity and access management in a multi-referential context?

  • Wednesday 14 October: 15H00 | 16H00 | 17H00
  • Thursday 15 October: 10H30 | 11H30 | 15h30 | 16H30
  • Friday 16 October: 10H00 | 11H00

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ROX: SDWAN on a large scale deployment (+1000 sites) 

With Forcepoint

We will address how the automation of a SDWAN deployment allows you to reduce costs, increase quality (reduction of human errors) while ensuring maximum flexibility

  • Wednesday 14 October: 15H00 | 16H30
  • Thursday 15 October: 10H00 | 11H30 | 16H00
  • Friday 16 October: 10H00 

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ROX: advanced use of APIs

With Forcepoint and Cisco Meraki

How to use the APIs of your various security products to create tools adapted to your business use cases. In this demonstration we will show you how to present the necessary information to your teams (admin, helpdesk...) and delegate actions to respond to operational incidents.

  • Wednesday 14 October: 15H30 | 17H00
  • Thursday 15 October: 10H30 | 15H00 | 16H30
  • Friday 16 October: 10H30

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Visibility remediation and patch management

With Forescout and Tenable 

How to make security as simple as a lego® game? users are increasingly nomadic,  (home office, mobility and IOT…) but threats are becoming more complex and the number of alerts is exploding. we will show you how to deal with a massive increase in the number of nomads by
- Setting up a decontamination chamber
- Securing the return of users to your network sites.

  • Wednesday 14 October: 15H30 | 16H30
  • Thursday 15 October: 10H00 | 11H00 | 15H00 | 16H00 | 17H00
  • Friday 16 October: 10H30 

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Security Addition into the CI/CD Pipeline

With Checkmarx, Tenable container Security & Gitlab

In general, in a classic application development cycle, security usually reaches the end of the development process through a pentest. With the DevOps methodology, a development cycle sometimes lasts only a few minutes. How can you automate static code audits and vulnerability scans with your DevOps tools? We will answer this question with the Checkmarx Static Appliaction Security Testing (SAST) tool.

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Network Segmentation

Avec Palo Alto and Forescout

We want to show how to perform a network segmentation via security tools (Firewall) between OT and IT.

  • Wednesday 14 October: 16H00
  • Thursday 15 October: 11H00 | 15H30 | 17H00
  • Friday 16 October: 11H00

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