Opening conference, Plenary conference and Round Tables

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Experience 4 days of business and talks about cybersecurity!

Opening Conference

Wednesday, October 14 | 1pm > 2 :15pm

Opening of Les Assises by Guillaume Poupard, ANSSI Director

Followed by a talk with Michel Van Den Berghe, Orange Cyberdefense CEO, dedicated to Campus Cybersecurité.


Les Assises plenary conference with Tatiana de Rosnay, Writer 

Thursday 15 October | 18h00 

« Fiction can become reality. Now you are warned »

Tatiana de Rosnay, writer, 
Author of « Fleurs de l’ombre », 2020, Robert Laffont Edition – Héloïse d’Ormesson.

Recently the French Ministry of the Armed Forces formalized the participation of fictional writers in the development of defense activities. In the world that we are living in, there are so many unexpected situations that sometimes we could think that some of them could be written by scriptwriter overflowing with imagination. The new forms of competition requires a constant creativity from all the societies, meeting a novelist is likely to clarify our collective thinking. What is the creation process? How can the known reality nourish the near future? In her latest novel « Fleurs de l’ombre », Tatiana de Rosnay portrays this hypernumerized society where everyday behavior is scrutinized and driven by the power of algorithms. What are the components of a convincing dystopia? Beyond the mechanisms of creation, it will be an opportunity to discuss the role of novelists in building our vision of the world.



Expert roundtables

Wednesday October 14

  • The cyberworld, a geopolitical stake

Fake news, information manipulation and misinformation did not wait for COVID-19 to increase. And with the health/social/economic crisis and the US president election, there is much to worry about. No one is safe and especially not companies.


  • CESIN roundtable: “Covid-19 – The cyber answer”

The consequences of the health crisis promise to be huge, even if we cannot yet measure their perimeter. What can we foretell for cybersecurity? Our companies which are economically impacted must try and avoid cyber crises straight afterward. Considering the threat high level and the weaknesses appearing in transition times, it would be dangerous to decrease cybersecurity budgets which are more than ever needed to secure business activity. However, it can be pertinent to reevaluate our priorities, to assess what the crisis taught us and transformed, and to appraise the new risks and those that will naturally disappear. It is important to reconsider our cyber roadmap to make sure to take into consideration the transformations resulting from the crisis and to align said roadmap to the strategic changes the companies will have to make in the following months.


  • Cyber risk and epidemiological risk: what insurance for systemic risks?


  • Startup elevator pitches: Come and listen to innovative cybersecurity startups during their solution presentations and ask them your questions.

Wednesday October 16

  • Archetype of 2021’s CISO

The CISO’s job and functions have much evolved those last 10 years. The CISO is not in the shadow anymore and gets closer to the Board (they are even part of the Board in some companies). The health crisis put them in the spotlight. How long will it last and what role will the CISO play in the next years?

  • Cloud and sovereignty: an endless debate

The cloud, most often American, is the big winner of the crisis. Moreover, health data should be saved by a US operator. In parallel, France and Europe increase their initiatives for a trusting cloud. Beyond arguments, it is necessary to understand the stakes.

  • Tools vs. processes

Cybersecurity solution multiplicity and diversity is a true conundrum for CISOs who cannot have a global and clear view. Those last months just heightened this need to make the right choices and to bet on the run and operational tasks. Instead of piling up, how can we rethink processes and IT governance? And with what consequences?

  • Clusif roundtable

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