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Opening conference  Partners keynotes

Opening Conference

Wednesday, October 14 | 1pm > 2 :30pm

  • Speech by HE Mr. Pierre DARTOUT, Minister of State of the Principality of Monaco
  • Opening of Les Assises by Guillaume Poupard, Director General of ANSSI
  • Guillaume Poupard will then join the President of the Assises Olivier Ligneul, Group Cybersecurity Director, EDF for an exchange around the theme of the 2021 edition: "Back to fundamentals"
  • Exchange between Jean-Noël de Galzain, President of HEXATRUST, CEO WALLIX Group, CSF Cyber ​​Project Pilot and Florence Puybareau - Director of Communication and Content, DG Consultants

Partners keynotes

Wednesday, October 13 | 6 p.m

Cybersecurity crossed-perspectives: when reality exceeds fiction"

Conversation between Laurent Oudot, CEO of Tehtris and Arnaud Coustillière, President of the Cyber ​​Excellence Center - Advisor to the President of France Cyber ​​Maritime

Reality has always exceeded fiction, but in 2020 and 2021, it has been beyond unprecedented. The CyberWar is officially declared. States hacked, organizations looted, hospitals shut down, the phenomenon is deeper and more massive than ever. Cybersecurity has finally become a societal issue, and deserves a frank questioning on the contours of the emerging cyberworld. 

Starting from the simple observation of an asymmetry between the tools of Defense and the tools of attacks within the cyber space, the duo will take you to the major attacks of the last few months: the biggest inter-state World Hold Up, better known under the name of the editor initially hit SOLARWINDS, and its millions of affected endpoints, and the international espionage campaign carried out through the Pegasus software.

Wednesday, October 13 | 6:30 p.m

Cyber ​​Campus: Discover exclusively its facilities and governance

During this speech, Michel Van Den Berghe President of the Cyber ​​Campus, will present the first models of the planned facilities as well as the governance put in place to ensure the coordination of the 112 members who have already joined the Campus to date.

Thursday, October 14 | 9 a.m

"New Normal new fundamentals"

With Pierre-Yves Jolivet, CEO of the CyberDefense Solutions global activity

With digital transformation impacting all aspects of activities, connectivity needs are exploding coming with massive volumes of data exchanged or saved in the Cloud. The ubiquitous nature of Cloud architectures drastically transforms the way security is perceived and the way it is implemented. Users need to trust infrastructure, but data-centric protection is the new road to global confidence. Cloud generalization not only increases the attack surface but implies a change of paradigm where the classical digital fortress approach gives way to understanding the very nature of threats. Reactivity, containment and remediation are the new pillars of comprehensive security calling for an extended use of big data and AI cyber tools. Finally, the extension of digital transformation to sensitive domains such as homeland security, critical infrastructure and defence leads to a renewed debate on technological independence and (multi)sovereignty of data, infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions

Plenary conference : "From our weaknesses, make them strenghts"

Thursday 14 October | 6 p.m

in recent months the world has passed through an area of ​​great turmoil and few have been spared. But the resulting wounds don't just have to be patched up. They can help us (re) build and develop a real resilience manual. Rabbi, writer and philosopher, Delphine Horvilleur will show us how great stories teach us the art of going through crises and if heroes are fragile people, it is possible to transform this fragility into strength.

Learn more about Delphine Horvilleur:

Delphine Horvilleur is a rabbi and a writer. Ordained rabbi at Hebrew Union College in New York in 2008, she has since been rabbi of the YWAM community in Paris. She is also the editorial director of the magazine Tenou'a (www.tenoua.org) and leads the Tenou'a Workshops, moments of study and dialogue that bring together hundreds of people each month. Delphine Horvilleur is the author of Living with our dead (Grasset, 2021), Le rabbi et le psychoanalyste (Hermann, 2020), Understanding the world (Bayard, Les Petits Conferences, 2020), Reflection on the anti-Semitic question (Grasset, 2019 ), A thousand and one ways of being Jewish or Muslim (with Rachid Benzine, Seuil, 2017), How rabbis make children; Sex, transmission, identity in Judaism (Grasset, 2015), In Eve dress; Feminine, modesty and Judaism (Grasset, 2013).

Partners Keynotes

Friday, October 15 | 9 a.m

"How CrowdStrike provides visibility, detection & reaction capabilities to ENGIE in a decentralised context"

ENGIE is a world leader in low-carbon electricity production, energy networks, and associated energy efficiency services. With a highly decentralized IT landscape, ENGIE needed a solution to have a global view on its endpoint security posture as well as to provide detection & reaction capabilities to its Global Security Operations Center. Learn how ENGIE has deployed Crowdstrike with the appropriate delegation model adapted to its organization (in multi-tenancy), and how the solution has been integrated in the company cyberdefense ecosystem.

With Christophe Badot, Country Manager, Crowdstrike, Alain Delava – Group CISO ENGIE & Pierre Antoine Falaux Bachelot - Infrastructure Lead Architect, ENGIE

Friday, Octobre 15 | 2:30 p.m

"Intelligence-Led Security: Building a Foundation for Proactive and Persistent Risk Mitigation"

With Stu SOLOMON - President

Synopsis, In today's hyper-distributed world, where risk factors are spread over  physical and cyber realms, every connection and access point creates an opportunity for adversaries. This new reality requires a new approach to enterprise security -- one that is centered around intelligence. Equipped with timely, accurate and actionable intelligence, defenders are empowered to act at the speed of the adversary to mitigate risk. This presentation will provide a roadmap for building an intelligence-led security program that enables proactive and persistent risk mitigation.