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The Meet-up Space is a place where for 30 minutes, a CISO will come to share with you and in a small group, his know-how and his experience on a key subject of cybersecurity.

Access by registration reserved for guests.

Thursday, October 13th 3:00-3:30 pm

Mentoring session "My first Assises"

After 24 hours of your first conference, it's time to meet again to take stock together: how is it going? Do you still have questions?
The idea of this session is to be able to get together with new guests, to answer outstanding questions, to share your thoughts and to help you in the final stretch!

Modérator : 

Lois Samain, CISO, EDF Hydro and Co-founder of ComptoirSecu Podcast


User awareness: feedback and best practices

Because automatic protection systems are not 100% reliable, users of digital systems are often the first and last line of defense of the organization against information risks and cyber attacks.
Do's and don'ts are not effective: the statement of rules must be accompanied not only by how to follow them, but also and above all by why they must be respected. And from which real and specific risk we protect our organization by applying each of them. In short, make sense.
By using the most appropriate channel according to the message, it is possible to get closer to the dreamed objective of awareness: Changing behaviors.


Antoine Bajolet, Co-animator of the Clusif CISO Area, CISO/RPCA for the Henner Group


Update management (soft and hard): How to do it efficiently?

A real headache for CISOs, update management is nevertheless crucial. Faced with the hemorrhage of critical vulnerabilities, come and take part in a "battle" between Eric Singer, who considers this process to be mature and under control, and Didier Gras, for whom there are areas for improvement in order to obtain a commitment to the result. Sensitive souls please refrain!


Didier Gras, IT Risk & Cybersecurity Officer, BNP PARIBAS and Director of CESIN and Eric Singer, CISO EMEA, Schneider Electric


Eric Singer, CISO EMEA, Schneider Electric


Cyber Campus: progress report with a CISO

Presented two years ago at the conference by Michel Van Den Berghe, the Cyber Campus project took shape this year. The site, which opened its doors to the cyber community last February, now hosts more than 160 organizations, institutions and schools, including teams from the Hermes group. During this meet-up, Julien Bachelet will present the first benefits of working in this totem of French cybersecurity and will discuss with participants the perspectives to come.


Julien Bachelet, CISO and Cybersecurity Director, Hermes

Friday, October 14th 9:30-10:00 am

DSA, DMA: what are the benefits for companies? What are the consequences for CISOs? How to prepare for it?

On July 5, 2022, the European Parliament passed new legislation on digital services (Digital Service Act) and on digital markets (Digital Market Act) that impose standards on the responsibility of online companies. But what are we really talking about? Who is concerned and what are the consequences for companies and their CISOs? A meet-up to go beyond acronyms and understand the objectives and stakes of these new regulations.


Myriam Quéméner, General Counsel at the Paris Court of Appeal


EDR/XDR: How to deploy and for what result?

Without an EDR/XDR solution, there is no salvation... Is this solution as "authoritarian" as the anti-virus was a decade ago? Should we abandon traditional defenses, rethink the entire defense system for better efficiency and better results? What are the KPIs of these solutions ?


Eric Doyen, IS Operational Security Director, Malakoff Humanis


IT to OT: Extending the principles of "Zero Trust" for greater cyber resilience

"Zero trust" is gaining ground in companies, but it is still very often associated with the IT environment alone. However, the principles of generic IT security can be applied to industrial environments. Based on the example of Schneider Electric, this meeting will show that the two worlds can have a convergent approach and will recall the seven principles on which to base this approach.


Eric Singer, CISO EMEA, Schneider Electric