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During the Assises 2021, EGERIE will inaugurate this new communication concept on its stand!

More than a simple meeting between users, LAS ’Club represents a real place of sharing and exchange of ideas, between peers, in search of innovations and a forward-looking look at their universe.

5 working sessions will be offered on the EGERIE stand (n ° 101).

Why LAS’ Club ? 

Beyond being an annual event of the cyber ecosystem, Les Assises has been for more than 20 years a Club bringing together experts who need to share practices, methods, experiences and information.

Innovating by offering Les LAS ’Club is therefore a natural part of the animation of the community which has always been the DNA of the Assises.

How are the sessions going?

  • CISO and CIO, stakeholders of the ecosystem concerned participate in the LAS 'Club session dedicated to their vertical business on individualized registration only (10 participants max / topic)
  • The 30-minute meeting, moderated by a guest, makes it possible to raise a number of questions and to share, informally, on a structuring subject
  • The meeting is friendly and interactive and discussions continue, at the end of the session, over a drink in the lounge located in the EGERIE space
  • The working sessions are neither open to partners nor to the press 

The calendar :


3.45-4.15 pm

  • LAS’ Club Communities
    "Communities facing cyber risk" 

Moderated by Cyril Bras, CISO of Grenoble Métropole



12.00-12.30 am

  • LAS’ Club Bank & insurrance
    "What new requirements and obligations?" 

Moderated by Marc DE VALLIER, CISO of La Banque Postale  

2.45-3.15 pm

  • LAS’ Club Energy
    "OT-IT convergence and risk management in the face of more ambitious hackers"

Moderated by Didier Fournier, CISO of Veolia

4.15-4.45 pm

  • LAS’ Club Public sector
    "Cyber ​​survivor, the life after: sharing of good practices and solutions" 

Moderated by Jérôme Poggi, CISO of Marseille town hall



10.45-11.15 am

  • LAS’ Club Transport
    "Connected, electric, autonomous transport: what are the challenges for the future?"

Moderated by Michael Klinger, Head Of Security ESCRYPT Western Europe ETAS

For more information about the LAS’ Club :



[email protected]

About EGERIE :

EGERIE is the European leading software company providing cyber risk management.

EGERIE offers a collaborative platform allowing a global, agile and structured approach for the governance, management and compliance of cybersecurity risks and protection of personal data.

Recognized by the highest governmental and regulatory authorities, EGERIE’s technology enables companies and government organizations to understand how they are exposed to risks and to support them in helping to make decisions and determining the security measures to be implemented.

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