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During the 3 days of Les Assises, attend several demonstration sessions in a fully dedicated area!

Registrations can only be made via Les Assises backoffice or upon request to [email protected]

Protection of the users and company resources in a context of “work from anywhere” (SSE et EDR)

The change of work behavior (work from anywhere) while massively adopting cloud and hybrid Datacenters , forces companies to re-think the way they secure access to their resources, applications and data.

Technologies : SSE, EDR

With Netskope, SentinelOne

  • Wednesday 11 October: 4pm
  • Thursday 12 October: 2pm | 5pm 
  • Friday 13 October: 11am | 4pm   

SASE and compliance : How to apply Comply & Connect to SASE

Complementary workshop to “SSE and EDR” Techlab

How to condition access to company resources, applications and data based on corporate users laptops compliance while working from anywhere

Technologies : SASE, Compliance

Avec Netskope, Forescout

  • Wednesday 11 October: 4:30pm
  • Thursday 12 October: 2:30pm
  • Friday 13 October: 11:30am


Secure access to company resources : a Zero-Trust approach

How to ensure a smooth move to ZTNA while ensuring secure access to company resources by corporate users and external users considering on target criticity.

Technologies : CASB, ZTNA, Privileged Remote Access,

With Forcepoint, BeyondTrust

  • Wednesday 11 October: 3pm
  • Thursday 12 October: 11am | 4pm
  • Friday 13 October: 10am | 3pm 


IoT visibility, prevention, detection and response

IoT equipments considerably expands the attack surface, as it is not sufficiently taken into account by companies as a risk vector and increasing their security is often complicated. This makes them prime targets for attackers. How can we gain complete real-time visibility of these devices? How to deceive attackers and protect against IoT-induced risks using deception technologies.
Technologies : IoT, Deception Technology,

With Fortinet, Forescout

  • Wednesday 11 October: 5:30pm
  • Thursday 12 October: 11:30am
  • Friday 13 October: 3:30pm


OT/ICS visibility and Deception

Complementary workshop to "IoT visibility, prevention, detection and response” Techlab

Let's extend our thinking to industrial environments (OT) and their reliability and availability constraints.

How can we gain complete real-time visibility of our IoT assets? How can we obtain qualified security alerts and use deception technologies to analyze and prevent threats in ICS environments ?

Technologies : OT/ICS, Deception Technology,
With Fortinet, Forescout

  • Wednesday 11 October: 5pm
  • Thursday 12 October: 11am | 3pm | 5pm 
  • Friday 13 October: 3pm


AD, Identity and privileges : how to reduce the attack surface

Today, elevation of privileges is an unavoidable stage in most attacks. How can you reduce exposure, detect it and protect against it without impacting productivity?

Technologies : Active Directory Security, Privilege management
With BeyondTrust, SentinelOne

  • Wednesday 11 October: 4pm 
  • Thursday 12 October: 10am | 4pm 
  • Friday 13 October: 10am | 2pm 


North-South, East-West, how to find our way within network (Micro) segmentation ?

How to take advantage of security involved by micro-segmentation in an hybrid datacenter

Technologies : Segmentation, Micro-Segmentation,
With Illumio, Palo Alto Networks

  • Wednesday 11 October: 3pm | 5pm
  • Thursday 12 October: 10am | 2pm | 3pm
  • Friday 13 October: 11am | 2pm | 4pm 


Les Assises de la Sécurité unites and galvanises the whole cybersecurity ecosystem’s collaboration through enriching exchanges, which of course leads to business but also creates collective intelligence.



Managing Director

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It was our first participation at Les Assises and we are fully satisfied: we got sales leads, an excellent feedback on our products from companies that did not know us before, and we have improved our relationship with our customers.


Christophe LEAUTEY

Sales Director

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Citalid being 2018’s Innovation Prize winner, Les Assises contributes to strongly improve our acknowledgment and sales development. Thanks to the organiser for their work, it is a fundamental event in the cyber sector!




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Almost 20 years old! Les Assises is THE distinguishable event for the cyber community. The quality of the content, the partners and the guests make it an unmissable meeting.



Head of Marketing SEMEA

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One of the best events I attended in the last 20 years. Actual topics, fascinating contacts with concrete projects, an event perfectly orchestrated. A big thank you.




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