Monaco Cyber Security Initiative

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See you in forum 1 with Monaco Cyber ​​Security Initiative at Les Assises!

Since 2018, Monaco Cyber ​​Security Initiative has brought together companies specializing in digital security in the Principality around the Monegasque Digital Security Agency.

Come and meet the experts from the Principality's leading companies in cyber security, cloud computing, hosting, telecoms, auditing and consulting !


Monaco-Cyber-Security-Initiative 2023

Find out more about the Monaco Cyber ​​Security Initiative companies at Les Assises 

AMSN Les Assies

Created in 2015, AMSN is the national authority in charge of the security of information systems in the Principality of Monaco. It constitutes a center of expertise, response and processing in security and digital attacks for the State and the Operators of Vital Importance (OIV).

KPMG GLD et Associés Monaco has more than 100 employees based in Monaco. This is the first “Big Four” which has had a full-time “Audit and Consulting in IT” team in Monaco for more than 10 years, which has carried out in Monaco more than 120 audit / IT security consulting missions. . KPMG is a global network of over 2,500 cybersecurity experts in 50 countries. KPMG is PASSI qualified for all security audit activities with a dedicated "Lab" located in Monaco where the data collected is located and specialized in supporting OIVs and PASSI certification audits.

Lutessa is a structure which now brings together more than 100 technophiles located between Paris, Nantes, Marseille, and Monaco, hyper-specialized in 3 areas of activity: Cybersecurity, Connectivity, and Cloud.

A recognized specialist, Lutessa has the legitimacy to advise and support its clients in the inevitable hybridization of their infrastructures, by natively integrating the security inherent in them.

Lutessa is at the forefront of innovative solutions to meet the expectations of its customers and continues to specialize in addressing the specific strategic challenges of business sectors such as banking and insurance, health, retail and luxury.


Monaco Cloud: A vehicle for Monaco's digital ecosystem

In 2021, Monaco became the first European country to set up a Sovereign Cloud. Its mission? To offer the Monaco Government, vital organizations and private companies based in Monaco or abroad the very best in cloud infrastructure and services.

By combining the political will of the Government of Monaco with the technological know-how and digital transformation of private players, the Monaco Cloud operator meets the challenges of security, business competitiveness and the country's international appeal.

Monaco Cloud is part of the vision of what the digital revolution should be for Monaco: a tremendous opportunity to innovate, boost its zones of economic excellence and build new growth beyond the Principality's territorial limits. It is a key player in the digitization of society, and is directly associated with Monaco's reputation for excellence.

MVE is a Monegasque company specializing in three areas: Urban and private security systems, construction sites and works, particularly in low current, and cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is a strategic development axis for MVE which is based on the triptych "Prevention - Protection - Response" and on a PASSI Monaco qualification issued by AMSN in 2020.

We provide our clients with a team of cybersecurity experts and PASSI auditors to meet their operational needs, perform security diagnostics, audits, information system approvals and any support services. MVE also provides support on risk analyzes and cybersecurity crisis management.

MVE, your cybersecurity partner and PASSI in the Principality!

In order to provide effective support to public and private sector companies in their digitalization and data security strategies, Monaco Digital has for several years now been one of the leaders in Cyber Security in the Principality, through its auditing, consulting and certification activities.
In 2021, Monaco Digital has decided to provide an even more comprehensive response by developing operational security services (SOC, CERT, etc.) and creating a separate entity: Monaco Cyber Security.
Our aim is to help all players to secure their existing information systems and to make a strong and rapid transition to digital with the right level of security. Without cyber security, there can be no trust in digital technology. Only a safe, sustainable and trusted cyberspace is a growth vector for companies.
Monaco Cyber Sécurité is a pure "Player" that accompanies all Monegasque and European companies, capable of offering services of proximity, quality, expertise and trust with all the reactivity and flexibility that companies need.

Monaco Telecom is the historical operator of the Principality of Monaco, providing landline, Internet, TV, and mobile services, as well as international, home and cloud data connectivity services. Since 2015, in fixed broadband, Monaco Telecom has provided 1Gbs access to all households. Access up to 10Gbs via a new fiber network has been available since the second quarter of 2021. In July 2019, Monaco Telecom was the first operator to launch 5G with national coverage.

Monaco Telecom is jointly owned by the Government of Monaco and NJJ Holding. Controlled by French businessman Xavier Niel - director of Iliad, leader in telecommunications in France (Free), Italy (Iliad Italia) and Poland (Play) - NJJ Holding has a portfolio of leading companies in the markets telecoms, including Eir in Ireland and Salt in Switzerland. Monaco Telecom is a 100% shareholder of Epic, the leading alternative operator in Cyprus and the leading mobile operator in Malta.


pineappli logo

Since 2020, Pineappli has offered a multiservice solution for secure digital document management. It is now part of the LuxTrust group, the European leader in digital identity and trust services.

Pineappli and LuxTrust offer a unique portfolio of digital services, to better meet customer expectations and support them in their digital transformation.

LuxTrust offers one of the widest ranges of trust services, including eIDAS-compliant electronic signatures and stamps, their validation, time stamping, digital identity creation and strong authentication. Pineappli's patented solution also offers several trust services, including collaborative spaces and secure document transfers, electronic safes and NF461-certified probative archiving.

Both companies are able to support businesses in all technical, legal and regulatory aspects.

With Pineappli and LuxTrust, securing your data and managing the lifecycle of your documents has never been easier or faster.

In France, Monaco and North Africa, PwC provides consulting, auditing, legal and tax services to organizations of all sizes and in all sectors.

PwC offers integrated support, assessment and response services for cybersecurity incidents, thanks to a global network of over 3,600 cybersecurity consultants, including 150 in France, Monaco and the Maghreb.

With the quality of its teams and work at the forefront, PwC was the first of the 4 major audit and consulting firms to obtain PASSI qualifications in France and Monaco, and the only one to hold the PASSI LPM qualification in France.

As a committed player in the French and Monegasque ecosystems, PwC is notably involved in work linked to future qualification schemes, and is a resident of the Cyber Campus.

Telis logo

An expert in IT, security and IP communications, the telis Group is made up of 3 companies, Telis, Actis and easyOne, and has created its own Green Datacenter.

The group's objectives are to support innovation in the fields of new technologies, security and sustainable development. Our DNA is based on creativity, boldness and innovation in the digital field, to support the Principality in its international expansion.


Les Assises de la Sécurité unites and galvanises the whole cybersecurity ecosystem’s collaboration through enriching exchanges, which of course leads to business but also creates collective intelligence.



Managing Director

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It was our first participation at Les Assises and we are fully satisfied: we got sales leads, an excellent feedback on our products from companies that did not know us before, and we have improved our relationship with our customers.


Christophe LEAUTEY

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Citalid being 2018’s Innovation Prize winner, Les Assises contributes to strongly improve our acknowledgment and sales development. Thanks to the organiser for their work, it is a fundamental event in the cyber sector!




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Almost 20 years old! Les Assises is THE distinguishable event for the cyber community. The quality of the content, the partners and the guests make it an unmissable meeting.



Head of Marketing SEMEA

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One of the best events I attended in the last 20 years. Actual topics, fascinating contacts with concrete projects, an event perfectly orchestrated. A big thank you.




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