Le Before

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Created in 2017, Le Before is a strategic gathering event for the cybersecurity market’s decision-makers.
Scheduled the day preceding Les Assises, le Before welcomes a very limited number of participants is invited to exchange and debate about the future of cybersecurity.








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Le Before’s guidelines

  •  Freedom of speech
  • Small groups to benefit the interaction between peers
  • Structured talks with the partners
  • Efficient networkingTalks about the evolution of the industry

Le Before is marked by key moments

Le Before gathers 200 cybersecurity experts:
150 end-users: CISOs, CIOs and other IT decision-makers.

 An intense day of high-level content: roundtables, commissions by sector and meetups.


The commissions is where participants debates in small workgroups on transversal topics such as: data protection, cyber context, technology trends, compliance, governance, regulation, or providers’ management. Participants share their views and experiences. The result of the reflexion of each commission is synthesised and presented on the next day on Wednesday morning before the opening of Les Assises and available for all the participants throughout summary sheet.


The roundtables aim at giving an overview of the current issues in the industry and defines the main topics that will be addressed during the commissions.


The meetups are very-small-grouped activities led by lawyers and experts. They tackle legal matters in a practical way.


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