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The 2019 White Paper: “Cybersecurity and Innovation”

The second edition of the White Paper written in collaboration with EPITA is available on our platform! From bug bounties to EDR solutions, the EPITA students precisely analyse the flaws and tools to use to strengthen cybersecurity. Les Assises team goes back to the 2019 edition key moments through interviews and technology focuses: Threat Intelligence, Detection & Incident response and technology trends.

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In this edition, you will find the highlights of Les Assises 2019, including the opening conference presented by Guillaume Poupard, Chief Executive of ANSSI and the interview of the 2019 Special Jury Prize, Gérard Leymarie of the Elior Group.

A great first was also inaugurated with the Startup Corner, a novelty for this edition, where 8 startups had the opportunity to participate in the event except the startup Moabi having won its participation in Les Assises by winning the Innovation Prize 2019!

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