Cybersecurity during Covid-19: Les Assises community’s blog

To the pandemic that started weeks ago, we can add an excessive increase in cyberattacks: phishing, frauds, fake news, denial of service… the number of cases hikes and criminals take advantage of companies’ disorganization, lack of equipment, high number of employees who are not used to work from home or even the hasty purchases of poorly-secured equipment. This blog is written in collaboration with CESIN.

Cybersecurity during Covid-19

How to deal with this situation? How to get organized in order to avoid weakening companies? What are the best practices? How to optimize infrastructures so they can offer an efficient and secured work environment?

This new section is dedicated to cybersecurity news during Covid-19 and especially to YOUR feedback, you as cybersecurity and IT experts.

Our purpose is to share with Les Assises’s community your experience, the issues you faced and the solutions you found. If you wish to react or suggest an article, please contact me.

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