Opening conference, Plenary conference and Round Tables

Experience 4 days of business and talks about cybersecurity!

Opening Conference

Wednesday, October 14 | 1pm > 2 :15pm

Opening of Les Assises by Guillaume Poupard, ANSSI Director : 2021: dare, innovate, achieve
 "We are pioneers and we have in our hands the most precious thing: our cybersecurity"

Followed by a talk with Michel Van Den Berghe, Orange Cyberdefense CEO, dedicated to Campus Cybersecurité.


Les Assises plenary conference with Philippe Croizon, handisport athlete

Thursday 15 October | 18h00 

The essential lessons of optimism in times of crisis

Philippe Croizon's career will usefully enlighten those who feel helpless in the face of a situation that they consider difficult. Or how a metal worker, victim of a triple electrocution, becomes a first-class athlete thanks to a fierce desire not to undergo the tests imposed on him. In a few years, despite a quadruple amputation, Philippe had a series of feats: swimming across the Channel, swimming between the five continents or finishing the Paris-Dakar in the top 50. Beyond physical performance, this list is based on solid reflection on risk management, anticipation of crisis situations and the ability to adapt in a sometimes hostile environment.

By sharing his extraordinary experience, Philippe Croizon offers us a lesson in life and a demonstration of deeply human resilience.



Expert roundtables

Wednesday October 14 | 17:00 › 17:45

  • The cyberworld, a geopolitical stake | Van Dongen Room

Fake news, information manipulation and misinformation did not wait for COVID-19 to increase. And with the health/social/economic crisis and the US president election, there is much to worry about. No one is safe and especially not companies.

Moderator: Mélanie Benard-Crozat, Editor in ChiefS&D Magazine 

- Frédérick Douzet, Professor at IFG, Director of Geode
- Loïc Guézo, Secretary General CLUSIF
- Julien Nocetti, Researcher at IFRI and specialist in cyber-conflict and digital diplomacy
- Général Didier Tisseyre, Cyber ​​Defense Commander (COMCYBER) at Ministry of the Armed Forces

  • CESIN roundtable: “Covid-19 – The cyber answer” | Poulenc Room

The consequences of the health crisis promise to be huge, even if we cannot yet measure their perimeter. What can we foretell for cybersecurity? Our companies which are economically impacted must try and avoid cyber crises straight afterward. Considering the threat high level and the weaknesses appearing in transition times, it would be dangerous to decrease cybersecurity budgets which are more than ever needed to secure business activity. However, it can be pertinent to reevaluate our priorities, to assess what the crisis taught us and transformed, and to appraise the new risks and those that will naturally disappear. It is important to reconsider our cyber roadmap to make sure to take into consideration the transformations resulting from the crisis and to align said roadmap to the strategic changes the companies will have to make in the following months.

Moderator: Alain Bouillé, CESIN General Delegate 


- Eric Doyen, Operational Security Manager, Malakoff Humanis
- Olivier Ligneul, Cybersecurity Director EDF Group & CESIN Vice-President 

  • Cyber risk and epidemiological risk: what insurance for systemic risks?  Apollinaire Room

It is no coincidence that a large part of the lexical field of cybersecurity is borrowed from epidemiology. From the perception of the risk to the propagation patterns and the crucial importance of the temporality of the infection chain, these two systemic risks have many points in common. Faced with them, insurance players are subject to strained, as evidenced by the triggering of exclusion clauses and the refusal of compensation following the COVID-19 crisis but also following Wannacry and NotPetya. This round table will be dedicated to the question of modeling such risks, and their potential insurability.

Moderator: Cécile Desjardins, Financial journalist


Maxime Cartan, Co-Founder & President of Citalid Cybersécurité 
- Luc Vignancour, International Underwriter Cyber & Executives Risks BEAZLEY GROUP
- Oliver Wild, Group Chief Risk, Insurance and Internal Control Coordination Officer at Veolia

  • Cloud and sovereignty: an endless debate | Lifar Room

The cloud, most often American, is the big winner of the crisis. Moreover, health data should be saved by a US operator. In parallel, France and Europe increase their initiatives for a trusting cloud. Beyond arguments, it is necessary to understand the stakes.
Moderator : Jérôme Saiz, 


- Julien Levrard, CISO OVHCloud
- Garance Mathias, Attorney, Mathias Avocats 
Bernard OurghanlianCTO & CSO, Microsoft France
Anne Souvira, "Cyber" project manager at the Office of the Prefect of Police (Paris Police Prefecture), Ministry of the Interior

  • Startup elevator pitches: Come and listen to innovative cybersecurity startups during their solution presentations and ask them your questions. | Camille Blanc Room

- Anozr Way 
- Buster A.I
- Cosmian
- Cybernova
- Digitemis
- Sesame IT
- Weakspot

Learn more about the startups 

Wednesday October 16 

14h15 › 15h 

  • Build and promote national and European digital sovereignty | Van Dongen  Room

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated societies’ digital transformation as a whole and revealed many digital opportunities available.

This crisis underlined our dependence on extra-European platforms and tools.

Sovereignty issues are thus returning to the forefront of the stage, brought up to the highest level of the State and the European Commission. But if many are talking about it, we will now have to act!

While the national digital and cyber community is calling for an ambitious strategy and political courage, the establishment of the parliamentary information mission "Building and promoting national and European digital sovereignty" will have to issue recommendations to establish definitively this sovereignty.

The parliamentarians who are members of the mission will answer Mélanie BENARD-CROZAT's questions and share their ambitions for the months to come, during this conference of the Cybersecurity Conference 2020.

 Speakers :

- Philippe Latombe, Deputy of the Vendée region, Mission Rapporteur
Jean-Michel Mis, Deputy of the Loire region, Mission VP  

15:15 › 16:00

  • 2021 CISO Robot portrait

The CISO’s job and functions have much evolved those last 10 years. The CISO is not in the shadow anymore and gets closer to the Board (they are even part of the Board in some companies). The health crisis put them in the spotlight. How long will it last and what role will the CISO play in the next years? 

Speakers :

- Jérome Begon, Technical Director of Customer Support and Service, Thales
- Stéphane Dubreuil, CISO, Thales 
Pierre-Luc Refalo, VP - Head of Group Cybersecurity Governance and Programs Cap Gemini

  • Club EBIOS round table: Simulation of a decision-making meeting for a release using a risk study

The EBIOS Club invites you to attend an immersion with a concrete example where the search for consensus may be necessary in the company. During a production decision-making meeting, our speakers will illustrate the typology of debates that regularly appear there and the different points of view of contributors. Providing understandable elements that are necessary for arbitration is essential in the search for compromises between stakeholders (cybersecurity actors, DPO, legal, business and IT) and decision-makers. Several questions can be addressed: How to interact with one's profession or management? How to define the risks of a project? How to define and explain the impact for a project or the company?

Moderator : Olivier Ligneul, Cybersecurity Director, EDF


- Matthieu Grall, CISO and DPO, SODIFRANCE
- William Nantier, Central Information Systems Security Officer. Air Force
Jean Olive, Club EBIOS Vice-President - CGI Business Consulting
Maricela Pelegrin-Bomel, SSI Expert, Club EBIOS Member

  • Zero Trust: from buzz word to reality

2020 forged a new image for the Zero Trust, reinforced by the crisis. What lessons can we learn from the last few months and how does the Zero Trust lead to rethinking cybersecurity?

Moderator : Thomas Pagbe, Editorial Manager,  IT for Business 


Thierry Auger, CSO Deputy et CISO du groupe Lagardère
Gilles Berthelot, CISO SNCF Group
- Nicolas RUFF - Security Engineer - NO LIMIT SECU